Jul. 14th, 2010

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Once upon a time -- and more recently -- there was a girl who went by the screen name of [personal profile] wingblossom online. Of late, she had been busy, getting ready to leave her birth country to teach in another for quite some time. Since she had mastered the fine art of procrastination to a T, this made preparing for her trip more time-consuming than it originally had been. And so, two weeks before it came time to leave, she found herself troubled and just a bit peeved.

(Intermittently, this must be said: her mother was planning to move, with a good chance she would not see her old place ever again.)

In the midst of packing, worrying, and scanning old files, she came across a sketch that seemed somewhat worthwhile. With a friend, she had drawn it, then cast it astray; a loopy YA novel idea that had long been thrown away. The Tale of the Grizzly Squirrel, they called it, with an incomprehensible plot, squiggles and flourishes and a premise that was total rot. Still she liked it, and did not want to cast her drawing astride, which is why she is now writing sentences with incredibly poor meter and rhyme.

*~The Tale of the Grizzly Squirrel~* )


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