Jan. 12th, 2010

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For a few years now, I've wanted to watch more of Gilmore Girls. I heard about it when the series was in its fifth season of syndication, and fell in love with its wit, charm, and characterization. There were a lot of blog posts talking about it, but I wanted to see what the show was like in its earlier seasons, and have a chance to catch up with the storyline, instead of catching random episodes here and there. Sometimes I would look around for the show in DVD stores and stare at the boxsets wistfully, then put them down after taking a look at the price tag. It didn't make sense to plonk down that much money for a show I hadn't seen much of before, especially when I wasn't sure what the rewatch value would prove to be.

I saw more random episodes and tried to look for the series to download in college, but that generally failed to work. I ended up seeing more episodes from s6 than anything else, and by that time, the story had kind of derailed with ridiculous subplots, so I wasn't thrilled with that either.

Then sometime after Christmas this year, I finally saw the first season boxset for sale. (In fact, pretty much every season was there except for s2, so yay.) Based on that and the fact that I REALLY WANTED TO SEE IT WITH SUBTITLES TO CATCH ALL OF THE BANTER, I snapped it up when I had the chance.

And the moral of this story is that I'm drinking coffee as I write this post.

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