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Okay, like I promised! An update on my life. It's been so long since I've written anything here; I feel like I have several months worth of catching up to do. So, first things first:

I found out about my placement with JET, and as it turns out, I'm going to be in Kobe! Not even just Hyogo Prefecture; the actual city. I...just...asj;fkfgjk, wow.

I never expected that for a second. Especially because the first choice I put down on my application was Sendai, Miyagi, all the way back in November of last year. (Which also happens to be all the way in Tohoku.) The best guess I can make is that someone saw I requested an urban placement and that my second and third-place choices were both in the Kansai region, so they figured that Kobe would be a good match for me.

I was lucky enough to visit Kobe last summer, so I have an idea of how the city looks, particularly around Sannomiya. In fact, I remember really loving the atmosphere and architecture because of its strong European influence. Still, I'm looking forward to finding out more information from my contracting organization in early July. I've heard that most unmarried JETs end up in either Hanayama or Gakuentoshi, the latter being the more suburban of the two. Since I'm pretty much dying to know more about where I'll be staying -- and what schools I'll be working at! -- I doubt these next few weeks can go by too soon.

More benefits? Excellent public transportation (which means that I don't need to get a car), plenty of options for entertainment, shopping, and food, quite a few other Kobe JETs in the area, and a tight-knit English-speaking foreigner community along with a large minority population. Since it's a port city, it also transitions from sea to city to mountains very quickly. In addition to that, I'll have the chance to visit Kobe's Chinatown! And from what I remember, it's supposed to be very metropolitan and fashionable, which should be interesting.

I was preparing to wind up someplace inaka, which I would've been happy with as well, but. Yeah. Wow.

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