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I just found out that Onitsuka Chihiro's new singles came out recently! Kagerou is the best of them so far. She's releasing an album called Dorothy later in October, so I'm curious to hear what the rest of the tracks sound like. They should be good, if the tracks I've heard so far are any indication.

I also really want to hear The Beatles' remastered tracks.

Other song links:
A remix of Sakura, originally by Takano Kenichi, with a female medley interspersed between the original lyrics. Sappy but hard to get out of your head.
Mashy Haddy by Nancy Agram. Was linked to this by a friend studying Arabic. Cute video, fun visuals.

Good Things during the past week:
*The stargazing campout from last Saturday! I don't think I told anyone about it in great detail, but that was the highlight of my week. Month, even. And my rundown sneakers are proof of that.

tl;dr )

*Annual book sale coming up soon! Early next month, in fact. Everything is organized by section, and you can stuff as many books you can fit inside a bunch of brown paper bags for a ridiculously cheap price. Two years ago, I only saw a few books I liked, so I bought them separately for a quarter each. Among them were the second book in L.M. Montgomery's Emily of New Moon series, and The Kandy-Kolored Tangerine-Flake Streamline Baby, a survey of mid-sixties American culture.

*Getting back into the pattern of sketching. It feels great to keep up with it again after such a long time.

*During the production meeting for The Free Press last Wednesday, our news editor came up to the room with a glass of wine. When she saw our "o_o" faces, she explained that there was an event being held for the opening of an art gallery (for the curious, our meetings always take place in the Fine Arts building). And as a result, they were handing out wine (like, Zinfandel and Merlot) like it was water, along with a bunch of other stuff. So I went downstairs, followed the crowd, and there were cookies and chips, biscuits with cheese, and sliced vegetables with dip, like red peppers.

Apparently this happens every year! Anyway, after another editor and I came back, basically everyone at the production meeting went downstairs to get a plate of snacks themselves.

*Two of the books I've read recently: Holes by Louis Sachar and The Maltese Falcon by Dashiell Hammett. I think bell would like Holes a lot, and Ari The Maltese Falcon, but I'm mostly just surprised that I never bothered to read these books up until now!

If I had read Holes when I was younger, I think I would have loved it even more. As it is, I really want to write a glowing review of this book. Because it has an awesome story, and it ends up being fun and thoughtful in ways I never expected. Also, plot-related: the idea of using venom for nail polish is creepy and also brilliant.

*The new issue of [ profile] imaginarybeasts!

*Last Monday, I went to the art store nearby and picked up this nine-foot strand of artificial fall leaves that is now hanging near my window. Also, a bag of autumn-scented potpourri, and now my room smells vaguely like pumpkin. Or cinnamon. Or something like that. Well, whatever it is, it smells good!


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