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So, I finally got my scanner back up and running today! As a result, I decided to post a few sketches I've done recently to celebrate that.

Princess Tutu, Furuba, and an original character )
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Still stoked about JET. Don't know if I'll be capable of writing coherently for the next week or two, so instead, let me take pictures of some projects I've been working on with my cameraphone! (Uh, camera-on-the-phone, that is.) I'd be using my scanner if it were working, but it's not, so that option is pretty much out of the question.

cut to spare your flist )
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Somewhere between doodling a sketch for my friend's birthday and reading The Magician's Nephew, I ended up with this.

My foliage looks like clouds.

Ignore the flatness of the background. The foreground perspective is better, but I wanted to leave some negative space to adjust back and forth later. Plus, the good thing about Photoshop is that you can paste in more detail on the original layer (ie: lineart) that you end up working with. I'm also a Photoshop novice, which means that the final version will be nowhere near ready in the near future! Unless I steal the library computers to work on it early in the morning (there are only a few computers with Photoshop there, and they're hooked up to scanners, so they're always in high demand).

I also filtered the background in peach and orange, because I'm indecisive like that.


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