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I'll be blunt: I had a great time in Sannomiya today. I went to a bunch of the bookstores in Central Plaza, and then had chocolate coffee at this cafe named Hokuo-Kan that was really unique, in the sense that it uses Nordic countries as inspiration re: both decor and food. The first floor has a bunch of tiny items that I haven't seen at most other stores here, and very nice stuff in general for constant use, like candle holders and coffee mugs.

(Although you could say it verges on the edge of twee -- to the point that when you order their special coffee, they serve it to you in cute little individualized mugs. Mine said "Moominvalley" across the front, and on the other side, "If you want to live in Moominvalley, just think about it and you're there!")

Also, as I was sitting there reading my emails, the waitress who brought me my coffee earlier tapped me on the shoulder to give me a note! It said, "I'm studying English in university right now! So, I want to know about America!" Here, she drew an arrow to another bubble that said, "But I have to work...could you send me email? My name is Kaori!! It was nice to meeting you!" Like the proverbial Grinch, that note made my heart grow about two sizes. XD; She said she'd email me, so I've promised to send back a reply.

(The only thing I mentioned to her prior to the note was that the song Yellow Submarine was by The Beatles, and a popular song even in the U.S, because snatches of the lyrics were on the menu.)

There was also a Finnish guy who had been working there for five months, so I talked to him for a bit. Hokuo-Kan has a website, but there are only three store locations in all of Japan: one branch here in Kobe, another in Kyoto, and yet another in some other prefecture.

Along with the G-Fantasy phonebook, I also bought Nokemono to Hanayome, which is a manga penned by Ikuhara (!!!), and found the Book-Off that was apparently hiding in plain sight this entire time. Also, a couple of old-school Sailormoon cards at a hobby shop called -- wait for it, Yellow Submarine -- including this rather cool translucent one that cost about 50 yen and looks like a film cel. I...feel like I'm spending a little too much, but I've saved more than just about everyone else I've talked to. That, and I'm getting paid tomorrow.

In short, looking forward to reading everything and heading over to my friend's place later today. *g*


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