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Packing is going swimmingly! Well, sort of. Now that I've put a heap of my books into cardboard boxes, I have to contend with everything that I'm planning on: 1. sending ahead to Kobe, and 2. presumably getting rid of, since there's not enough space for all of them. I feel like I should take an inventory of all the books I own, but I think it's a little too late for that. *g* At any rate, looking through my old notebooks/journals/sketchbooks has the effect of making me flip through every single one of them, albeit briefly.

While going through one of my journals, I also found an entry with brief notes I took on Persepolis for an article in the Free Press a couple of years ago. In honor of my new icon, I'll c&p them here.

Persepolis was:
*animated in a black & white style which looked v. minimalistic and, dare I say, charming
*reminiscent of a storybook in some ways
*not a dull history lesson, as someone on IMDB commented
*the possessor of a sly sense of humor (for example, one of the CDs that the main character finds is called Jachael Mackson; when she gets caught by two women, the back of her jacket reads "PUNK IS NOT DED")
*full of bread swans
*underrated, especially since almost no one I know seems to have heard of it
*IMHO, more engaging in its first half than in the second
*a tale of growth and self-discovery amidst the Iranian Revolution
*honestly a lot more interesting than pretty much any other movie I've seen this year
*shown at movie theaters on a limited run
*worth your time
*something that's making me tired to write about right now, because I have very few ideas at the moment

Tomorrow, I have to pick up the rest of my money in traveler's checks from the bank, and then go to the dentist for the last time in hopefully a very long while. The day after that, Ellen is coming over to help me finish the rest of my packing, and then I'm going to the pre-departure orientation in the city. Later, I'm meeting a childhood friend I haven't seen since fourth grade (!) for dinner, and then...after that? Who knows! Probably more packing, I'm sure.
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