Jun. 14th, 2010

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I like looking around for old files on my hard drive. Sometimes I come across things that I wouldn't expect, like this Hikago translation I did three years ago (!!!) and then promptly forgot about right after.

Anyway, this is a side-story printed in the back of the Gorgeous Characters Guide; all rights go to Hotta Yumi and Obata Takeshi, including the silly pun in the book's title. (By which I mean that the "gorgeous" is written as "碁ジュス" in a mixture of kanji and katakana, and 碁 = Go. Get it?)

This story takes place in the Heian era, focusing on a snapshot of time right before Sai's death. I haven't seen anyone mention it before, so along with my own fondness for the series, hopefully other people will enjoy reading this!

A Thousand Years Wandering )

Tendoumaru is such a brat, but I really can't blame him too much. Especially with the parallels to Hikaru's own development in the main story and his subsequent treatment of Sai.

Something I never paid much attention to before: Obata's self-profile in the back, where he draws himself with "の" for eyes and "も" for a nose. He also asks who everyone's favorite character is, and then says that he likes "blank, blank, blank, blank." Four space bubbles in a row. Not fair! But then he goes on to hint that this character is a Go pro and an oyaji. So...Kuwabara?


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