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I like looking around for old files on my hard drive. Sometimes I come across things that I wouldn't expect, like this Hikago translation I did three years ago (!!!) and then promptly forgot about right after.

Anyway, this is a side-story printed in the back of the Gorgeous Characters Guide; all rights go to Hotta Yumi and Obata Takeshi, including the silly pun in the book's title. (By which I mean that the "gorgeous" is written as "碁ジュス" in a mixture of kanji and katakana, and 碁 = Go. Get it?)

This story takes place in the Heian era, focusing on a snapshot of time right before Sai's death. I haven't seen anyone mention it before, so along with my own fondness for the series, hopefully other people will enjoy reading this!

pg. 1

[Three-quarter side to back view of Sai standing in a shallow stream.]

“When a person dies, a white owl will appear. It's said that the soul of that deceased person will linger for a thousand years.”

pg. 2

[There is a court lady with long black hair dressed in a juunihitoe; next to her, a young boy with hair fastened into loops at the sides of his head.]

Tendoumaru: I haven't ever heard that sort of thing before.

Court Lady: I, too, have never seen those owls even once in the past.

Tendoumaru: Whaaat, so is it a made-up story, then?

Court Lady: Who knows. My grandmother was kind enough to tell me this story a long time ago, you know.

Sai: Tendoumaru-dono--

Tendoumaru: It's Sai! Sai’s come to play!

[Tendoumaru bounds down the steps.]

SFX: thump

Court Lady: Of course he has. Because you told Sai no Kimi to come, he flew over here as soon as possible.

[Later in the day.]

Court Lady: Oh, dear--

pg. 3

Court Lady: How come you’ve returned back so quickly?

Tendoumaru: Because he said, "Let's play Go!" again, of course! He always says that! I'm sick of it! That guy!

Court Lady: He's doing you a favor by coming to play with you, and yet you're speaking about him in this manner!

Tendoumaru: I'm the one who's doing Sai a favor by playing with him! I constantly play tag and hide and go seek with him! And then after all that, he has the nerve to say, "Let's play Go," hmph, seriously! Kemari is much better than Go!

Tendoumaru: Sai will come to play Kemari!

Court Lady: Really, what do you mean by saying, "I'm doing Sai a favor by playing with him?" You’re the one following about on his heels with “Sai, Sai, Sai,” the whole time, aren’t you?

pg. 4

[Even later in the afternoon.]

Tendoumaru: SAIIIII--




Tendoumaru: ...Sai won't come play.

Court Lady: Well, who was the one who said, "I won't come play with you anymore?" in the first place?

Tendoumaru: All I said was, "I won't come play with you anymore!" That's all! It's okay if Sai decides he wants to come and play with me!

pg. 5

[It's dark outside now.]

Court Lady: If you’re lonely, why don’t you go look for him yourself?

Tendoumaru: No way! Sai has to come here!

Tendoumaru: This is the first time that he hasn't shown up in several days. I wonder if he’s doing this because he hated being forced to play Kemari all the time.

SFX: noise

Unknown Speaker: Drowned himself!?

SFX: noise

Unknown Speaker: --no Kimi did!?

SFX: chatter

Court Lady: Really, what's causing such a disturbance!? It's already getting late.

Court Lady: It's suddenly quiet now. I wonder where everyone went.

pg. 6--pg. 7

[Tendoumaru turns to see an owl perched on the edge of the ledger, one of its large snow-white wings unfurled.]

pg. 8

[The owl flaps its wings and soars off, its feathers falling beneath the sky. Tendoumaru stares toward the moon in awe.]

Court Lady: What's the matter?

Tendoumaru: A white owl was just here.

Tendoumaru: Who died, I wonder?

pg. 9

Court Lady: That's a trick of the eye, isn't it? Look, it's already grown chilly, so come inside immediately.

[Tendoumaru starts to walk inside.]

Tendoumaru: But that honestly was a white owl.

Tendoumaru: Ahhh, I really want to play with Sai.

But I wonder if this means that Sai isn’t coming here ever again.

Because…if he does come, I won't say, "Let's play Kemari," anymore. If he does come, I'll say, "Even if we play Go, that's fine."

[A close-up of the stream.]

Tendoumaru is such a brat, but I really can't blame him too much. Especially with the parallels to Hikaru's own development in the main story and his subsequent treatment of Sai.

Something I never paid much attention to before: Obata's self-profile in the back, where he draws himself with "の" for eyes and "も" for a nose. He also asks who everyone's favorite character is, and then says that he likes "blank, blank, blank, blank." Four space bubbles in a row. Not fair! But then he goes on to hint that this character is a Go pro and an oyaji. So...Kuwabara?

on 2010-06-15 12:58 pm (UTC)
littlerhymes: (literature)
Posted by [personal profile] littlerhymes
Thanks for sharing this, I had no idea such a thing existed! :DDD

I'm so curious about Sai's life, this is such a tantalising glimpse at him from a new perspective.

on 2010-06-15 03:57 pm (UTC)
lacygrey: (Sai under the maples)
Posted by [personal profile] lacygrey
Thank you for this and for your explanation of the book's title ^_^

I thought that the 'Gorgeous Character Guide' (which I read in French) must be available in English already because the title was in English. I guess not.

Something Yumi Hotta wrote in one of her commentaries makes me think that Obata's favorite older character might be Zama.

on 2010-06-16 10:20 pm (UTC)
lacygrey: (Sai under the maples)
Posted by [personal profile] lacygrey
So we're really lucky to have it in French then. Its full of funny stuff - like 'whose hairstyle would suit you best' and so on as well as various trivia and kifu.

I can't find the page with Hotta's comment on it (perhaps manga volume 8 or 9) but it went something like: 'There are many young characters in Hikaru no Go but did you know that Mr Obata also likes to draw mature male characters, such as Zama Ouza.'

Would you happen to know why so many characters (including Zama)carry a fan in this story. What is the connection with Go? Or board games in general (Kaga has a Shougi fan)? I don't know the cultural background so I'd just guess that this was tradition.

on 2011-01-06 11:52 pm (UTC)
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Posted by [personal profile] onkoona
A fan is a symbol of being Japanese to the Japanese; basically it's a nationalist item.


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